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1.5 U Fanless Rugged GPU Server Intel® 7th Gen. Processor, MXM Graphic Card, 9V to 36V DC-in, Operating Temp -20 to 60°C.
NVIDIA® GTX950M (CUDA Cores: 640)/GTX1050(CUDA Cores: 640)/GTX1060 (CUDA Cores: 1280) GPU

  • Intel® 7th Gen. Core i7-7820EQ
  • 2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM up to 32GB
  • MXM Graphic Card support
  • 2 x RJ45 LAN, 6 x USB
  • 2 x 2.5" Easy swap SSD/HDD Tray
  • 2 x I/O Expansion Design
  • Extended Temperature -20~+60°C
  • NVIDIA® GTX950M (CUDA Cores: 640)/GTX1050(CUDA Cores: 640)/GTX1060 (CUDA Cores: 1280) GPU


HORUS330-X1, 1.5 U Fanless Rugged GPU Server is a powerful system driven by Intel® 7th generation Kabylake-H Mobile CPU. Processor i7-7820EQ, the quad-core CPU, supports 3.0GHz, up to 3.7GHz clock speed for high-end computing performance. Not only with outstanding CPU performance, HORUS330-X1 has integrated graphics card NVIDIA® GTX950M/GTX1050Ti to apply all sort of applications. HORUS330-X1 has provided rich I/O such as 4 x USB 3.0, 1 x COM port, 2 x DisplayPort and 2 x LAN ports. HORUS330-X1 is highlighting on rugged design and high functionality, the special dual thermal solution allows powerful system to present supreme performance under harsh environment. With rugged design, the system is suitable for the use in high-end automation and passenger information system in the field of military, transportation and so on.

Dual thermal solution ensures supreme system performance

With combination of high end CPU computing and graphic GPU power generate numerous heat, STACKRACK emphasizes on providing exceeding thermal design guarantee superior system performance under critical environment. HORUS330-X1 innovatively adopts dual sided thermal solution, with copper heat spreader directly touches the heat source components processor and graphic GPU to absorb the heat rapidly, heat then transfer to heat pipe; heat pipe is two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change of a working fluid which can provide high efficiency heat transmission. The aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat into surrounding air promptly. One side thermal solution is mainly for Core i7-7820EQ 45W processor and the other side is to dissipate the heat for graphic GTX950M/GTX1050Ti GPU. With unique thermal design, HORUS330-X1 can ensure high performance and reliability while working under extended range temperature from -20 up to 60°C.


NVIDIA GTX950M GPU, Stunning Graphics

HORUS330-X1 is installed with graphics card NVIDIA GTX950M GPU (CUDA 640, Clock speed 914MHz), allowing generate excellent resolution and supports high efficiency and fluency of image processing with competitive G3D Mark and low power consumption. The system possess great superiority for image computing utilization, including 2D/3D mapping and real-time image process for autonomous vehicle, surveillance system for control room, other navigation, radar, detection, sensor and laser systems on all maritime, ground, and aerial applications in both defense and industrial fields.

I/O Expansions
HORUS330-X1 is designed to fulfill demands of different application. Apart from standard I/O interface, HORUS330-X1 equipped with two I/O expansions at the back panel in order to have more flexibility and be more use-friendly. Which that offers user to customize additional function such as optional quad LAN port from MT321 Ethernet module, CAN Bus/GPS and 4 display output from GTX950M. With these expansions, HORUS330-X1 can be easily applied to control room or driverless vehicles application.

19"rackmount bracket
The ability of keep HORUS330-X1 inside cabinet is also an enhanced ways to keeping your server secure. Which STACKRACK has designed a 19"rackmount bracket allows HORUS330-X1 place inside a cabinet in order to protect from climate issue, dust and pests attack