Intel® QM87 MIL-STD Fanless Rugged System with Intel® Core i7-4700EQ Haswell Processor, NVIDIA® GTX950M GPU, 6 Independent DisplayPort, 9V to 36V DC-in, Wide Temp. -20 to 60°C

  • Intel® Haswell BGA i7-4700EQ + Intel QM87 PCH(4 cores x 2.4GHz, 47W)
  • DDR3 XR-DIMM up to 8GB memory
  • Onboard SATAIII NAND Drive up to 64GB
  • 6 x independent DisplayPort
  • 2 x mPCIe expansion slot (one co-lay with mSATA)
  • 9V to 36V DC-in with power delay on/off
  • Wide operating temperature. -20 to 60°C


SR200-SG, EBX rugged system is a powerful system that is driven by Intel® 4th generation Haswell CPU and chipset soldering onboard, integrated with Nvidia GPU GTX950M that supports 4 independent DisplayPort. Processor i7-4700EQ plus Intel® QM87 chipset supports clock speed 2.4GHz, up to 3.4GHz. Quad cores, turbo up to 8 cores to cope with enormous data computing. Apart from computing power, the system is able to survive in harsh environment from -20 to 60°C, and ruggedness for vibration and shock is proven to pass MIL-810G standard. With the combination of high CPU computing power and rich display inputs, SR200-SG is a perfect portable solution for rugged consoles & workstations, transportation, defense control room to share instant and accurate information on huge screen for in-time solutions.

Thermal solution for fanless system design

STACKRACK designs a unique enclosure that is able to stack together both horizontally and vertically. The aluminum heat sink enclosure allows dual-sided heat dissipation. STACKRACK exclusively adopts special heat radiating material and combining with special CNC cutting, further forged into a lavish sophisticated metal. Apart from the special heat sink enclosure, SR200-SG innovatively adopts two kinds of copper heat spreader. The shape and the size of the spreader are tailor-made based on the heat sources placement of CPU module and graphic module. In view of the gap difference between motherboard and heat sink, STACKRACK builds two heat spreaders in different thicknesses. Combining all these exclusive thermal designs can alternatively replace traditional fan, and also ensures high reliability and stability while working under wide range temperature from -20 up to 60°C

Stunning resistance of shock and vibration

PERFESR200-SG stands for Stack & Rack which represents that SR200-SG can be stackable and be racked in cabinet. Moreover, SR200-SG has key components soldered onboard to eliminate risk of harm caused by vibration. It not only supports Intel CPU onboard but also memory and storage onboard which drastically enhance the resistance of vibration and shock. It is worth noting that NVIDIA graphic module is connected by PCIe/104 connector, instead of using PCIe x16. When stacking together, the PCIe/104 connector delivers exceeding solidity due to the four corner mounting holes and the three bank(156-pin). It removes the concern about loosen connection caused by shock & vibration. Combining critical components soldering onboard and solid PCIe/104 connection, it is also compliant to MIL-STD 810G standard, can withstand 5g vibration, 100g single shocks and 50g multiple shocks.

System main board: EBX SBC-OXY5737A

(1) Intel® Core i7 CPU soldering onboard
SR200-SG is based on EBX SBC—OXY5737A, powered by Intel Ivy Bridge i7-4700EQ quad core processor plus QM87 chipset soldered onboard. With CPU soldering onboard, there is less conduction of heat and high density interconnection between the motherboard and the components, which reduces the MB from the crisis of overheating. Apart from overheating, soldering onboard also provides the best level of shock and vibration protection, removing the unnecessary concern about poor connection that CPU socket type may bring.
  (2) Four Independent DisplayPort
SR200-SG has added on NVIDIA graphic card through PCIe/104 interface, supporting 4 independent DisplayPort which is driven by GPU GTX950M. GTX950M itself has high CUDA640 points, representing its high computing performance and consumes power at 35W maximum. Connecting by PCIe/104 interface which enhance the resistance of shock and vibration as the connector allows nearly seamless connecting.
  (3) Wide Range DC input
For military and heavy duty vehicle applications, instable voltage always brings headaches about damaging the electric components. SR200-SG supports 9V to 36V DC-in, the flexible acceptance of inconsistent power input makes it capable of surviving tough engine cranks and transient over-voltage situations.