MIL-STD IP65 Rugged System with Intel® Core i7-5650U Broadwell Processor, NVIDIA® GT730M GPU, 9V to 36V DC-in, Wide Temp. -40 to 70°C

  • Intel® Broadwell BGA i7-5650U (2 cores x 2.2GHz, 15W)
  • 2 x DDR3L XR-DIMM up to 16GB memory
  • Onboard SATAIII NAND Drive up to 64GB
  • Amphenol M12 connector applied
  • IP65 classify
  • Wide range 9V to 36V DC-in
  • Extended operating temperature. -40 to 70°C

Effective cooling solution for maximum heat dissipation:

STACKRACK implements unique cooling solution with copper heat spreader, pure copper heat pipe and aluminum heat sink for maximum heat dissipation. With the aluminum heat sink enclosure allows dual-sided heat dissipation. We especially adopt the physical property of copper and aluminum, the copper heat spreader touches the heat source - processor to absorbs the heat rapidly, the heat then transfer to heat pipe; heat pipe is two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change of a working fluid, the aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat into surrounding air promptly. With the benefits of fanless design, THOR200 can ensure high reliability and stability while working under wide range temperature from -40 up to 70°C

Patent Designed Aluminum Heat Sink

The heat sink is made by heat radiating material, which is aim to lower the temperature by dissipating heat into the surrounding air, using aluminum material AL6061.

Copper Heat Spreader for Graphic Card

The copper heat spreader directly touches heat sources from GPU-GT730M.

  • 99.9 % purity of copper
  • 9.0 mm height to fulfill the gap between graphic card and heat sink enclosure
  • Nickel plated to prevent corrosion and rust after long-term use
  • Tailor-made three bulges on heat spreader correspond to the placement of two chokes and GPU on SK210 graphic card.

Graphic Module - SK210

A high-end PCIe/104 (StackPC) graphic module featuring NVIDIA® GPU GT730M, which provides GPU clock up to 719 MHz, CUDA 384 cores and supports four independent DisplayPort outputs.

CPU Host Board – OXY5638B

Rugged Intel Broadwell SBC is installed in the middle of the system, dividing segmentation type thermal design into upper and lower module.

Upper thermal module is applied to cool down the heat generated from graphic card; while the lower thermal module is applied to cool down the heat from CPU module.

Copper Heat Spreader for CPU

The copper heat spreader directly touches heat sources from CPU and chipset.

Pure Copper Heat Pipe

The heat pipes are embedded in the heat sink to ensure 100% tight integration for superior heat dissipation. Copper heat pipe transfers heat from the heat sources CPU to the heat sink over relatively long distance. Two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change of a working fluid. 8.0 mm diameter heat pipe, 99.9% purity of copper High heat conductivity coefficient up to 5000

Amphenol M12 Type

THOR200 all applied by rugged M12 type connectors. A waterproof power button is also incorporated for comprehensive military grade I/O protection.

  • Field-wireable M12 connectors boast its convenience in reduction in wiring time. No extra tools are required for extra secure connection.
  • M12 connectors highlight on robust joint, compact size, and reliability. Screw lock mechanism pushes security and reliability to the extreme.