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Solutions Unmanned Grounded Vehicle (UGV)
UGV, a highly recognized and valued robotic mobile, driverless and often software-controlled, has been actively innovated and produced to assist human under labor-intensive, hazardous or environmental sensitive condition. UGV provides multiple utilizations including transportation, medical evacuation, lifting platform, observer detection, communication relay etc., from civilization, science, to military usage. Providing higher flexibility and reliability attributes, UGV is changing and will continue to change the way we live, work, and even explore.

To detect, judge, and carry out all by itself, UGV supported by diverse subsystems involving sensor, positioning, navigation, locomotion, motion control, energy and communication. With multiple equipment, such as lidar, sensor, camera, driving device, connecting to the computer which we so-called "brain", the system allows vehicle to recognize, analyze, and operate automatically, which is believed to enhance the working efficiency and safety. StackRack spare no efforts to achieve the seven perspectives, possessing the global view to accomplish a function-integrated platform. Our solutions provide complete structure for image processing and driving with remarkable durability for various unpredictable conditions and perfect adaptation for multi-usage.
Regardless in daily-life or in particular occasion, UGV possess potentially unlimited utilization. Depending on environmental condition and application, UGV requires different facility composition and system organization. In recent innovating and examining process, UGV are commonly used in three main fields: Load lifter, Shuttle bus, and Battle MUTT. To learn more details about the operation, please check out the highlight solutions below.