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Future Mobility Forum

Future Mobility Forum
Taiwan Sheraton Grand Taipei/ B1 Ballroom Jade and Elite

Autonomous vehicles are transforming the way we live, work, and play—creating safer and more efficient roads. These revolutionary benefits require massive computational horsepower and large-scale production software expertise.

Intel can provide the advanced processing capabilities required for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomy.

 With the innovation of technology, bigger picture of future mobility has been triggered people’s imagination. Among all the trends such as the arrival autonomous vehicles and unmanned driving, intelligent logistics has already hit the road.


In order to let autonomous vehicles fully function and prevail, “smart” and “real-time” are two main essentials. Powering vehicles with sensors fusion and utilising 5G application to empower V2X future enables autonomous vehicles to further offer shared services. 


 Due to the global pandemic, public transportation is not as busy as usual. MRT fleet management system is introduced in Advanced Rapid Transit (ART). Referring to Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) program, will ART broaden the future mobility for public transportation? 


Because of the evolution of software and algorithm, the structure of hard disk drive has been changed. Its application includes chips employed in edge computing, autonomous driving, sensors fusion, mechanism detection, and infrastructure. Via making the best use of semiconductor and hardware, the optimised computer performance can be presented. 


Properly integrating 5G and AI is the key of how viral can autonomous vehicles be.

With the speedy development of autonomous driving, nearby pedestrians and infrastructure information can be captured by LiDAR sensor, GPS, and 5G service which is 10 times faster than 4G. Consequently, via AI system, autonomous vehicles are able to conduct transportation and road signal identification, and vehicles and objects detection, and thus driving routes can be planned.

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Time  Topic Speaker
13:30 Reception -
14:00 Opening Remarks 7Starlake Martin Ting, CEO
14:05 Public Transportation Evolution Hand in Hand with ART

WSP TAIWAN Frank Lin, Managing Director

14:25 Development and Operational Concepts on Autonomous-Vehicles in Taiwan TTIA Dr. Ronald Wu
14:45 As ART is Ready to Hit the Road, are Autonomous Vehicles Ready as Well? NAVYA
15:00 Break

Core and Key of Autonomous Vehicles 

7Starlake Martin Ting, CEO

15:40 Connection Between HPC and Smart Computing 7Starlake James Chan, SI Group Director 

Panel Discussion

Construction of the Bright Future for Future Mobility


7Starlake Martin Ting, CEO


ChungHwa Telecom 吳坤榮, Data Branch VP

Wistron Corporation Edgar Chang, Integrate Business Solution Director

WSP TAIWAN Frank Lin, Managing Director

16:20 Wrap Up


Martin Ting
Martin Ting
Frank Lin
Frank Lin
Managing Director