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CPT10 Ultra-compact Rugged computer Intel® Broadwell-U Core™ i7

CPT10 Ultra-compact Rugged computer Intel® Broadwell-U Core™ i7

Taipei, Taiwan
February 21, 2017

More than just an ultra-compact size

STACKRACK, a high-end computer brand, has successfully launched its rugged solution possessing high adaptation, performance, and efficiency for applications that requires a high-performance processor.

Not only MIL-STD products, STACKRACK also focuses on high-end intelligent automation and manufacturing. CPT10- the fanless computer features ultra-small size, based on Intel®5th generation Broadwell CPU soldering onboard. The system is suitable for the use in embedded computing, high-end automation and passenger information system in the field of military, transportation and so on.

The main Board of CPT10 - OXY5638 power by Intel®Broadwell-U i7 processor onboard and supports rugged XR-DIMM up to 8 GB for memory in a compact EBX form factor for ultra slim box PC. Main board of CPT10 it's with the strict extended temperature component selection standard and superb power circuit & layout optimization. With wide range designed brings maximum reliability and stability and low power consumption offers sufficient storage and expansion capability for easy installation for embedded computers.


Patent designed aluminum heat sink

The heat sink is made by heat radiating material, which is aim to lowering the temperature by dissipating heat into the surrounding air.
A fin of a heat sink may be considered to be a flat plate with heat flowing in one end and being dissipated into the surrounding fluid as it travels to the other.
As so many stunning features all gathering in this ultra slim size computer, STACKRACK is always think out of box, bring more unique Design and Art to the industrial computer field.


Main Feature :

  • 5th Gen Intel® Broadwell-U processors Onboard
  • XR-DIMM DDR3L Up to 8GB
  • Multi-Displays by 2 x DisplayPort
  • 2 x RJ45 Intel® GbE LAN
  • 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x COM ports (1 x RS232,1x RS232/422/485)
  • 9V~36V DC-in