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ETR1500 - Intel® Apollo Lake EN50155 15.6" Railway Panel Computer

EN50155 Railway Panel Computer ETR1500 , IP65 Classified with INTEL® Apollo Lake Series J3455, N3350 Processor, DC-Input voltage 70-144Vcc, Auto-dimming Adjustment, Super Contrast Ratio 1500:1

  • EN50155 Certified
  • Intel® Apollo Lake - J3455, N3350, N4200 Series 
  • IP65 Classified 
  • Auto-dimming adjustment
  • Wide Range DC-in voltage (70-144 Vcc)
  • Highly Sensitive P-CAP Touch w/ Glove Usage
  • 15.6”FHD Railway Touch Panel PC With Super Contrast Ratio 1500:1
  • Lockable and Easy Service Window
  • Slackware and Porteus Operation System Support 
  • Technical Profile
  • Specifications

7StarLake, a leading provider of railway system, is pleased to declare a new railway panel computer ETR1500! The EN 50155 railway touchscreen panel PC, ETR1500, is equipped with a 15.6”-inch FHD TFT LCD with high brightness LED backlight (400 nits), which allows a train operator to easily read any operational status messages, even under direct sunlight. Design for ease of use and maintenance, this all-in-one 15.6”FHD railway touch panel PC also has an alternative keypad control on the front bezel for easy access and cleaning purposes. As a railway computer, ETR1500 features IP65-rated front bezel, M12 connectors, wide range DC-in Voltage (70-144Vcc) and extended range operation temperature (-25°C to +70°C).

USB 2.0 x1 (w/ Waterproof Cover)


2W2C female (A1 pos, A2 neg), M12 D-coded connector



ETR1500 – Desirable Railway Panel Computer

Since new technologies brought into the railway infrastructure, today’s train is no longer for just transport, the security it possess and the passenger information, advertisement, audiovisual entertainment it provides has been highly valued. Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) and Passenger Entertainment System (PES) provide visual real-time information, allowing users to receive information about train schedule, news, advertisement and emergency announcements, which make train travel become more enjoyable. From the other hand, for operators, they have responsibility for ensuring passenger’s security. Thus, they require stable and reliable railway applications for efficient performance under harsh and unpredictable condition. However, when the train is operating, the electronic equipment used on it has to face different kinds of difficulty, such as fluctuating weather, continuous vibration and sudden shock. 


7StarLake devotes to developing high quality product and providing customized service. ETR1500 equipped with robust display, such as IP65 enclosure rating, highly sensitive P-CAP touch and super contrast ratio 1500:1. Furthermore, ETR1500 specially designed with intelligent control and command, like auto-dimming for different environments and easy service window, enabling the operator use it more conveniently. Last but not the least, 7starlake’s rolling stock greatly receive recognition with our high ability of anti-shock and vibration, wide temperature range durability and strict design under EN50155 standard, guaranteeing system performance through long-way journey.

I. Robust Display

I-1. IP65 Classified



With the water and dust protection up to IP65 rating, ETR1500 is able to stand against the intrusion of dust, accidental contact, and water. When passenger suddenly spilled out their drink or meal on ETR1500, with IP65 protection, it is easy to be cleaned and maintained, ensuring its durability.

I-2. Highly Sensitive P-CAP Touch

Nowadays, the railway industry is increasingly favoring high-performance panel PCs as ideal HMIs for Train Control and Management System (TCMS) because of their usability, visualization and versatility. ETR1500 equipped with highly sensitive P-CAP Touch that significantly simplifies complex train controls, allowing users to manipulate a visualized console simply by tapping or touching the screen, even with glove usage is available.



I-3. Super Contrast Ratio

Higher contact ratio can improve the carrying capacity, as well as make the contact between teeth softer, thereby reduce vibration and noise impact of the transmission systems. ETR1500 features super contrast ratio 1500:1, it can not only improve stiffness but also reduce noise.




II. Intelligent Control and Command

II-1. Auto-Dimming for Different Environments

Whether the screen brightness is too high or too low, it may cause eye problems, even lead to headaches. ETR1500 is equipped with a 15.6-inch FHD TFT LCD display with high brightness LED backlight (400 nits) and auto-dimming control, which allows a train operator to easily read any operational status messages, even under direct sunlight.


II-2. All Lockable Connectors Design

We provide lockable and easy service window with protect cover, which meets IP65 enclosure rating, can prevent our system from dust, water, accidental or random touching by passengers.


III. EN50155

ETR1500 railway panel computer is EN50155-certified and undergo environmental testing to ensure reliable performance under a variety of power supply conditions, such as voltage variations, power interruptions, and power supply changeover. ETR1500 can also withstand environmental disturbances, including vibration, shock, and temperature variations.



III-1. Wide Range DC-in Voltage

Ranging from 70-144Vcc, ETR1500 can operate normally despite sudden drop or surge of power. Thus, with this outstanding system, our customers don’t need to worry about the possible lightning strike while planning an outdoor deployment.

III-2. Unparalleled Reliability

Shock and vibration test are important for railway system. The equipment used on train shall be able to withstand, without      deterioration or malfunction, vibrations and shocks that occur in service. 

Shock Test

EN50155 T3 Shock test is performed to check and document the resistance of a terminal connection to irregular occurring shocks with varying energy content. For the definition of the shock, acceleration and duration are specified. EN50155 T3 prescribes three positive and negative shocks on each of the three spatial axes (x, y, z). The simulated accelerations reach 50 m/s² with a shock duration of 30 ms. No damage may occur at the terminal connection that would impair further use. The contact behavior at the test objects is monitored during the test. When the railway standard is applied, no contact interruptions > 1 µs are permitted.

Vibration Test

For a practical simulation of the vibration stress, the test objects are subjected to broadband noise-induced vibrations. This means that realistic accelerations are generated at the terminal block and the connected conductor. During the test, the objects are exposed to a frequency range of 5 Hz to 150 Hz. The r.m.s. value of the acceleration is up to 5.72 m/s². The test objects are tested for five hours in each of the three axes (x, y, z). In addition to the vibrations, the electrical contact is monitored during the test to make it more difficult. No damage may occur to the terminal blocks that would impair their further use. In addition, no contact interruptions of 1 μs are permitted during the test.

III-3. Extended Temperature Range



The EN50155 standard specifies 4 grades of operating temperature requirements according to the severity of the environment. With 7StarLake’s extraordinary research and perfect design, ETR1500 supports a wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 70°C, which meets EN50155 T3 railway regulation.


Legacy OS – Slackware & Porteus

ETR1500 with Legacy operating system supports Slakeware and Porteus. Using Legacy systems, the users can easily operate it and save money in the long run by not having to continually upgrade software.






INTEL® Apollo -Lake ( N4200 , N3350) Series

Memory type



mSATA Up to 1TB





1920 *1080

Contrast Ratio


Aspect Ratio


Auto Dimming 

Light Sensor

Min 20 nits~400 nits w/ modulated automatically or be controlled by SW



1 (>75dbA @30cm)

Front I/O


USB 2.0 x1 (w/ Waterproof Cover)

Rear I/O


2W2C female (A1 pos, A2 neg), 4-40 UNC threaded insert


M12 D-Coded Connector       



EN50155 T3 class (-25 °C+70°C),

Shock and Vibration According to EN 61373 Class B category 1

IEC 60605, EN50121-3-2

Applications, Operating System


Train journey, entertainment contents and commercial advertisements.

Operating System

Windows 10 64 Bit, Ubuntu13.04, Ubuntu13.10, Ubuntu14.04, Fedora20

Full compatible to Slackware and Porteus Linux distribution 4.14.29