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Military Utility Tactical Truck

 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck)



Today's battlefield engagements depend on access to and the ability to share complex, real-time data with battlefield commanders, who in turn push select information all the way down to the front-line warfighter, hence efficient and accurate performance is definitely required and strongly emphasized. Unmanned technology equipped on Military Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT) which can be used as loads-carrying, detection facility, even armored vehicle in battlefield, lessen the demands of labor and enhance the safety of soldiers.




Heading toward full independence, high performance embedded computing (HPEC) plays a big role in vehicle operating functions such as vision, communications and autonomous navigation, in parallel with support for payload functions such as custom sensor input or weapons management. To afford high burden of data inputs and outputs, StackRack's THOR100 possess Intel 5th generation Broadwell i7 providing dual cores 3.2 GHz clock speed while consuming low power consumption 9.5W, allowing continuously efficient and stable performance. Autonomous operation is achieved using a combination of multiple sensors, onboard processing, drive-by-wire functionality, and additional payload control, looking forward to measure up C4ISR operation.


Sensing & Positioning




Advancing in battlefield, UGV is belief to encounter numerous unpredictable situations. To achieve wide range environmental sensing, UGV equipped with 360 degree LIDAR for surrounding mapping; Intrusion detector and assessment FLIR and camera, ensuring possible intrusion is under detection; 3D camera, using the Time-of-Flight (TOF) principle and acquiring in real time both normal intensity images and 3D range images; obstacle-avoidance camera and near-range laser, preventing UGV from possible collision. For multiple sensor data aggregation, real-time data processing, and results dissemination to the controller system, our THOR100 provides numerous connectors for customize usage, allowing different formation of inputs and outputs.

Control Syste


After the aggregation and analysis of the data, UGV is ready to take action toward immediate situation. Connecting with accelerator, brake, and steering control, system commands vehicle to perform relevant movement such as sidestepping, go-to-point, reacting to certain circumstances. Besides general mobile device, UGV can be equipped with certain weapons for protection and pan tilt unit of FLIR and camera for detection.



The environment in battlefield can be unpredictable and harsh, such as broken terrains, water and dust exposing condition, possible shock of explosion. Fanless THOR100 installed MIL-STD Amphenol type connector and full IP65 protection, allowing system to perform under severe circumstance. Moreover THOR100 is half the width of a standard 19” rackmount and 1U dimension enable to fulfill limited size application and usage.

UGVs open up a new revolution for ground forces, with systems designed to afford the challenges of true autonomous operation and adequate payload support.