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Unmanned Shuttle Bus



Regardless urban areas, suburbs, medical centers, plazas, campus, battle field etc., UGV can be used as transportation, carrying passengers in places where conventional means of transportation are not relevant but at the same time distance are too long to walk, or passing through rough landscapes and harsh terrains. Nowadays, UGVs for shuttle bus are highly valued and possess unpredictably high potential usage. Participating in projects for gardens, amusement parks, campus, and hospitals, UGVs are expected to enhance living convenience with convincing safety and automation capability. 

Computers in UGV receive data from lidar, sensor, and camera, command motor control system, and connect with control room in fleet management. To cope with enormous data computing, StackRack's solutions possess Intel 4th Haswell Core i7 CPU, and Intel QM87 chipset supports clock speed 2.4GHz, up to 3.4GHz. Quad cores, turbo up to 8 cores. To transport passenger automatically, UGV requires extremely high safety and stability under various condition. We provide optimized thermal solution of copper heat-pipe, heat-spreader and special designed heat sink for computer, allowing CPU to maintain remarkable performance under high clock speed.


Image processing computer




UGV equipped with multiple facilities for detection, including Lidar, placed on top of the vehicle, 3D mapping and programming, measuring distance by illuminating targets with laser light, scans the surrounding environment to depict images in real time 360° horizontal view and almost 30° vertical view; multiple 2D lidar sensors, existing on dual sides of vehicle, capturing every possible angle; Rear and front cameras, for road awareness and obstacles detection.

StackRack's SR200 provides 2 x Ethernet port and 2 x mPCIe expansion slots for multiple inputs, receiving data and map information for analysis. After analyzing, information is shown on displays for announcement or awareness. SR200 possesses up to 6 independent display ports and NVIDIA 950M graphic card for outstanding display performance.


Driving computer




After Receive information from lidars, sensors, and cameras, we so-called "eyes", computer, here as "brain", gives out instructions after calculating and analyzing different data. To make UGV automatically move by itself, connection between computer and control system is needed. Without human control, computer commands accelerator, brake, gear lever, steering wheel and other devices to manipulate the driving direction and movement of the vehicle.

Being able to estimate change position over time, UGV also requires odometry sensor for estimating their position relative to a starting location. StackRack's SR10M provided with 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports, and 2 x LAN ports by M12 connector, possess multiple connection and at the same time extremely high ruggedness, allowing the adaptation toward various usage.